Sing A New Song To A Familiar Tune.

Mary Had a Little Lamb (familiar tune) used to introduce pre-schoolers.

Homer Simpson is my name

is my name

is my name

Homer Simpson is my name

Homer is my name.

Jingle Bells (familiar tune) Objective: to learn to count to 10.


789 and 10



789 and 10

(raise a finger as each number is given.)

True God – to the tune of “Frere Jacques”

God the true God, God the true God,

He is Lord, He is Lord,

Father, Son and Spirit, Father, Son and Spirit,

Thank you God, thank you God.
Old MacDonald (familiar tune) Song of Thanks- accompany with actions.
The morning sun that wakes me up,

The new leaves on the trees,

The creepy capterpillar and

The buzzing bumblebees,

Arms that grow and hands that clap,

Head and toes and fingers’ snap,

Thank You God for all of these.

Thank You, thank you, God!

(100 Action Songs for School Kids, David C. Cook)

Best Friend (to the tune of “The Adams Family” )

Jesus is your best friend

His love for you, will not end

So trust Him now, depend

On Jesus everyday

Jesus loves you (click,click)

Jesus love’s true (click,click)

Jesus loves you. x3 (getting either softer or louder each time)

(click,click -at the end)

Don Stott,,2003

Jesus Called Me Peter (to the tune “Rock Around the Clock”)

1,2, …1,2,3,4 !

Andrew met Jesus.

Jesus met me too.

My name was Simon,

Now I’m telling you.


Jesus called me Peter. (leader)

Yes, He called him Peter. (echo)

Jesus called me Peter. (leader)

Yes, He called him Peter .(echo)

‘Cause simply Simon’s gone,

Now I’m known as “Peter the Rock” !

(last time add spoken…”Rock on Peter !”)

God’s on the move,

Something’s new.

I just met Jesus,

Now I’ve joined His crew.

chorus repeat..

© Don Stott, , 2004


About Don

I have been involved in children's ministry for over thirty years (I'm now 60!). My experience includes being a husband, parent (two daughters in their 20's), a full time and volunteer children's worker with Scripture Union, a teacher and Christian school principal (20 years) and for the past thirteen years as a full time children's minister/pastor in an Anglican church in Melbourne Australia. My main interests are family, music, computers and the web , puppets, reading and films.
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