Bible Pictionary

Divide your children into small groups ( 3-4) and give each group some scrap paper and a texta colour or crayon. Prepare beforehand a list of 10 words or stories from the Bible (Noah, Goliath, 10 commandments, Jesus, …). Stand in the centre of the room and ask for one person from each group to come to you. Show them or whisper to them the first word on your list. Their task is to return to their group and communicate this word. They can only draw pictures. They cannot speak; use hand signals or write letters.

The person in the group who correctly guesses the word, runs to you and tells you the word they guessed. The next word on your list is then given to them. They return to their group to repeat the process. Each group is trying to complete the list of ten words before the other groups.

Variation: Use a large sheet of paper in the group. All drawings must be done on this piece of paper. At the end of the game, these can be displayed.

What’s your favourite Bible game? Why not comment below to help others?

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